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Your dealership could save your customer’s day.
Finally after a whole week of working, when Akshay got a chance to go out with his friend, his car ditched. He tried reaching service centers nearby, but failed.See how Akshay’s weekend did not get as spoilt as it could have, if it were not for Lumturo.
Is your dealership walking the extra mile?
How all of us are always ready to go an extra mile when it comes to taking care of our new vehicles? Gradually, things go old and the extra mile seems too long. How great would it be if your dealership could walk that mile and make lives simpler?
Are you the right dealership at the right place at the right time?
Santa wasn’t where he should have been. Could you have helped Santa to not disappoint the kid? Are your customers facing what Santa had to face?
Could you cut down on a cost and still get better business?
Customers are busy. So is your call center. Install a virtual service center for your dealership and never lose a customer again.
They trust you with their lives, are you doing good enough?
It is very common for customers to neglect periodic water-filter replacement. The reasons are several. You can help and exclude one of them. Allow them to get in touch with you, directly.

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